Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Things are Looking Up

Much improved weather today and even better tomorrow.  Feeder activity has been high over the last two days with the cold and to alleviate some squabbles at the feeder, spread some additional seed along the deck rail.  Lots of activity and interesting to watch the various bird behavior.  I crumbled a suet cake and mixed among the seed.  This Red-bellied WP kept coming, getting a piece at the time and flying off.  I suspect within a short time it had a little stash hidden somewhere.

By noon is was above freezing and after being stuck inside yesterday headed out for a bit.  As I was headed out to the car I looked over and saw that even the raccoon was peeking out of its tree enjoying the sunshine that was flooding the tree.


ME2NC said...

Sure has been chilly here but looks like our warmth is back, at least for a little while.

That raccoon photo is adorable. What do you use for a camera?

Paula said...

Canon 5D Mk III with a 100-400 lens. Yep, glad that really cold weather is gone....for good I hope!