Sunday, January 12, 2014

Eagle Count

I went with a friend today who had signed us up to participate in an eagle count this morning.  We were to be at a specified post from 0700 to 0830.  From our position, we only saw two.  Later, for grins and giggles, went to another area where lots of eagles had been spotted.

What can I saw but an amazing sight.  We counted 23 eagles within about a 150 foot area along a river.  Tried as we could though, we could not get to a favorable position where we were not shooting in to the sun.  It was still quite an enjoyable day to watch and listen to them.  They were a feisty group.

Most of the eagles at this second location were young.  Based on their color, there were some probably as young as one year and most under 5 years.  Even those with white head feathers still had either a small patch of dark feathers somewhere on their head or tail feathers still tinged dark.

Last year when they came to this area they stayed around three weeks then departed.  We are going to attempt to go back tomorrow during the afternoon when the sun should be in a better position.  Out of more shots today than I care to say, I think maybe only three that I think are even presentable.


ME2NC said...
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ME2NC said...

ME2NC said...
Oh my gosh, Paula, that would be amazing! Where is this place? I like the way you got the spray over the water behind the Eagle. The only place I've ever seen that many eagles was one time was up in Canada.

Paula said...

Along the Haw River. It was definitely a cool sight and sound experience. I love hearing the eagles vocalize.