Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pine Warbler

After a couple of days of spring like weather, when the cold front came through late yesterday afternoon, old man winter definitely let us know he was not done yet.  I don't think it the temperature rose above freezing today.  Fortunately the "big snow" was a bust.

Birds have been steadily visiting the suet feeder today.  I have noticed that for whatever reason, the arrival of the Pine Warbler brings on aggressive behavior from the other birds.  The aggressive behavior seems to only apply to the male and not the female PW so I can only assume it has something to do with the bright color.

The male house finches are beginning to get a little deeper in color.  I have also noticed that quite a few of the Yellow-rumped Warblers are begging to change a bit to their breeding colors.


ME2NC said...

If I had seen that bird on my feeder, Paula, I would have thought it was a goldfinch. Now I will look closer at yellow birds.

In looking at the birds that you have posted on your site, I am amazed at the how many different ones that you see. I guess I need to start looking harder to see what is around me (smile).

Paula said...

I do have a large variety of birds that visit. I try to provide multiple types of food sources and habitats. I like the little Pine Warblers. They will fly right to the pole when I am putting in a new suet cake.