Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sad Day - RIP Yellow Bird

The gray skies today pretty much match my mood.  Yellow Bird who came in to my home back in March of 2012 was a parakeet that showed up in the yard one day.  After attempts to find someone who may have lost the bird, I ended up keeping it.  The bird had been flying from tree to tree during the day and ended up on the ground under the bird feeder.  A cat in the neighborhood was trying to creep up on it so I immediately went out to try and capture it.

The bird without hesitation came to a wooden dowel held out so I knew it was probably a recent escapee or someone just let it go.  Anyway, it was mine now.  Late yesterday it began not being able to sit on its perch.  By night I knew time was limited.  Yellow Bird passed this morning and I am quite surprised at the void it has left.  I guess you sort of get use to the chirping and murmuring they make.

Tomorrow looks to be a bit more promising weather wise before the bottom drops out late in the afternoon.  It will be good to get out for a bit/

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