Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day Portraits

I took advantage of the snow day to get some bird shots.  Since we don't get that many snow days and by the weekend it will be gone, you get what you can.  There were tons of birds today all trying to get their share of the food.  It is quite amusing to watch the hierarchy of  who feeds first.  When a Robin showed up, it thought it was the big bird and spent most if its time trying to chase the other birds.  I got quite pissed with it as it seemed to really have it in for the Bluebirds.

At first one single Blue Jay showed up.  It ate a bit and left and before long was back with two friends.  They then became the "big birds" on the block.

The Yellow-rumped Warblers only chased each other and generally same with the Cardinals except when the Towhees showed up.  Lots of Cardinals with the males looking exceptionally red against the white of the snow.

The biggest surprise was having a Grackle show up.  I usually never see one until the end of February at the earliest and usually arriving in the first part of March.  Maybe signs of an early spring?  Who needs a groundhog when you have a Grackle!  And yes, he was "big bird" on the block when he showed up.


G L Buzzell said...

Great photos, as always, Paula. Looks like you and I spent our time doing the same thing - watching the birds in the yard. We have had a few different ones but sure don't get the same ones as you. I wouldn't be able to identify them anyway (grin). I am sure hoping that your grackle sighting means that spring is coming faster. I am soooooo ready.

Paula said...

For sure there was not much else to do. Thankfully quite a bit of the snow began melting today. Yep, I am really hoping that this is the last of the hard winter weather. I liked your photo of the Great Egret on the boat. I left a comment but it looks like the hacker got to you. Just can't understand what people get out of doing that.