Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hungry Birds

We were pretty lucky in what fell overnight was mainly sleet.  I was really dreading freezing rain that would have coated trees and power lines.  I am hoping that the possible snow tomorrow is nothing more than just a brief flurry or nothing at all.

There is a hard packed layer of ice on the street today and the only vehicle I saw was the mail truck late this afternoon that several of us ended up going out and giving a little push when she started spinning and couldn't go.

The birds were a little late getting started this morning as there was still a bit of sleet going on.  I had taken in the suet feeders and thistle sock so they would not be coated over with ice and put them back out right around 0700.  It did not take the birds long to come out after that and they have been steady at the feeders all day.

I ended up putting some food along the deck railing  just so more could come eat.  Many of them showed up with ice showing on their feathers.  I know they had a cold miserable night with more cold coming tonight.


Coppertop said...

Glad to hear you didn't get the freezing rain, Paula.
Love your photos especially the Blue Bird. He is the same blue as your feeder bowl - stunning photo!

G L Buzzell said...

Glad tha the weather wasn't ice in your area. We had only rain here – 1". I sure won't complain though because it could have been ice like I saw in New Bern.

The bluebird in the blue dish Is my favorite. Temps in the single digits tonight - I am beginning to wonder if I moved far enough south. *grin* Stay warm.

Paula said...

Me too Liz! I was really dreading the possibility of losing power. Thanks on the BB. I thought he was so pretty matching the bowl.

Paula said...

Hey Gladys, If we had to get something freezing, I am glad it was sleet. I know the Fayetteville area had all kinds of power outages from freezing rain. Hopefully this is winter's last hurrah. We should be in 50's...not 20's. Hang in there.