Friday, February 6, 2015

Checking In On The Eagles

Back in December, my friend and I came upon an undocumented eagles nest.  We have checked in on it a couple of times just to keep updated.  It had been several weeks so we decided to head out this morning to see if there were any signs that egg(s) had been laid.

We were watching from a respectable distance so as not to disturb the birds so the photos are not the best.

We had arrived at our location when in just a few minutes, an eagle came in with a stick.  We watched as the female wove the stick into the nest and made other adjustments.  Soon both eagles flew out.  Within a short time, in comes one of the eagles with a stick.  Since both had left the nest together, we assume no egg(s) have yet been laid.

We watched for a while as the two sat together.  You can definitely see the size difference between the male and female.  The female is on the right in this photo and is considerably larger.

Hopefully time is getting close for her to lay.  We will keep watching.


G L Buzzell said...

Good find, Paula. It will be fun watching their progress over the next months.

Coppertop said...

Awesome Paula! Look forward to seeing more photos.

Paula said...

Hi Gladys, My friend and I were both excited when we found it and knew it was a new nest. It is always interesting to watch the progress.

Paula said...

Thanks Liz. Always a good thing to have more eagle nests. I too look forward to seeing whether there will be one or two chicks.