Monday, February 16, 2015

Getting Ready for Winter Yuk

Our first freezing precipitation for the winter is quickly approaching the are.  It is anticipated that we will probably get quite a bit of sleet and freezing rain which spells trouble.  It is not going to be much snow which I would prefer over the ice.

I spent most of yesterday and the early part of this morning trying to get ready and be prepared in case we lose power which is looking like a heavy possibility.

The birds and squirrels seem to sense the coming weather and have been feeding heavily all day.  I guess tomorrow they will really be looking for food.

It has been really cold and we have even colder air coming so whatever comes won't melt anytime soon.  If you live locally, stay safe!


G L Buzzell said...

Looks like you guys are getting snow or something now. Hopefully, you don't have to go out. I think it will be rain here. It was a VERY dreary day today though. Hopefully, you have a way to stay warm if you lose power. Be safe.

Coppertop said...

I'm with you Paula, snow over ice any day. Take care, stay safe.

Paula said...

Hey Gladys, All ice yesterday afternoon and overnight. Now the weather folks are talking possible snow flurries tomorrow....key word...flurries. Did you get anything down your way? Looks like some folks farther south got freezing rain.

Paula said...

Hey Liz, Yep, this ice really sucks! Dog was getting a case of cabin fever today and I risked going out. When I got on the street I decided to see how long I could keep my balance as she pulled me. Sort of fun. I made it a good way before down I went.