Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pileated Woodpecker

Over the week, a pair of Pileated WPs have been hanging around and checking out the trees.  Normally they fly the minute you zero in on them.  Late this afternoon one came in the yard and was so focused on working a tree limb I was able to slip out quietly and get some shots.

I suppose it was the mate to this one was a little farther back in the woods and kept calling.  Every now and then this one would lean back and let out a call.

The wind was really blowing the tree tops around this afternoon but didn't seem to bother the bird at all.  I think I was getting the case of motion queasies just watching through the camera viewfinder.


G L Buzzell said...

I have one (maybe two) behind our house but very rarely actually see it. I hear it quite often. Looks like your weather was better than ours today. We finally did get some sun but then the wind started.

Such a pretty bird. His head looks so red against the blue sky.

Paula said...

We had quite a bit of sun but the wind was terrible. I was glad to have been able to slip out and get some shots. It works on that limb regularly but usually flies when I go out. Looks like nice weather this weekend.