Sunday, February 1, 2015

Finally Back in the Swing of Things

When we had a few days of nice weather two weeks ago, I decided to get a head start on some spring projects.  Part of the deck had a built in/drop down hot tub that was way past its prime,  and had developed leaks.  Time to go.  I spent several days cutting both up and hauling off.  Very glad to have that project out of the way.

The area then received some new soil and organic material and will become a flower bed.  It is really about the only place in the back yard that gets lots of sun and I have wanted to get this project done for two years now.  I started  the flowers so by summer the plants should be decent size.  My cousin lets me put them in his green house so I can get a head start.

I have spent the last week taking my cousin back and forth to the doctors.  Back surgery yesterday and I went back to get him today.

I had some time to wait before I could get him checked out and decided to go by the park for a bit. Even with the cloudy sky when I first arrived, it seemed very good to get outside again after being stuck inside most of the week.  Just about the time I had to leave the sun finally came out.

I was surprised to see the otter back again.  It came through about two weeks ago and it normally doesn't come through until around March.  I wished the light had been better and I had more time just to sit and wait for a better shot.  Maybe the rain will fall short tomorrow and I can get back out.

A Cooper's Hawk was zoom-zooming about.  It has been pretty active for about a month now.  Hoping for some better shots.

Definite hints that spring is not too far away were evident.  The wild version of the native azalea is beginning to show some color.


Coppertop said...

Nice photos, Paula!
With two large snow storms in a weeks’ time and another coming this afternoon it is hard to visualize spring. But I am so ready for it!

Paula said...

I have thought about you often with the back to back storms. I can truthfully say that I am glad I am not anywhere up that way. Hope you don't get socked in to badly. Stay warm. Keep the faith...spring will come!